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AORUS Membership Program

We are excited to have you join our new membership program.
Simply join us and get points in less than 30 seconds by following steps!
There are awesome rewards await you.

3 Simple Steps to Get AORUS Points

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To celebrate your new journey with us,
we offer time-limited boost benefit from now to 31st December 2019. Earn more than 150 AORUS points in 6 ways below

Unlock Badge As Many As You Can

Get an extra 10 points if you unlock 6 badges. Honor your profile page by decorating with the badges!

Share Your Idea with Us

Earn 30 points by submitting the content for the first time.

Buy Product and Get Extra Points

If you buy GIGABYTE AORUS product and register, every product will be rewarded an extra 10 points.

At The Top of The Leaderboard

AORUS will give these top 10 members 30 points and exclusive honor badge.

Make Use of your Personal Code!

Use your personal code and Invite your friends to register!

Register Your Products

Register owned products which are on the reward list. You'll be rewarded points as well!

Activity Notice

1. You'll be rewarded when you submit an article (15 points) or a video (15 points) each once during the event period. Get 10 points every submission afterward.

2. Before sharing your personal invite code, you have to set it up on member account. Get 5 points per person as they sign up with your code, and your friends will get 10 points. (Limited to 20 people registration in a month, totally you can invite 50 friends.)

3. If original members already registered owned GIGABYTE AORUS, the points will be credited to member account after login the new system. Registering the products which are on the reward list to get the points applies to the original members.

4. You'll compete with the members from other regions on the leaderboard. The honor badge is exclusive to this event. Earn yourself the most points and get to the top 10!

5. GIGABYTE AORUS reserves the right to modify or terminate the site and/or any of its interactive components at any time and in any manner.