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Membership, Levels, and Benefits
Q Is there any fee to be in the Membership Program?
A No, there is no membership fee to participate in the GIGABYTE AORUS Rewards Program.
Q Where can I find the Terms of Conditions of GIGABYTE AORUS Rewards Program?
A The GIGABYTE AORUS Membership and Rewards Program Terms & Conditions can be found here.
Q What benefits do I have as a BRONZE member? As a SILVER member? GOLD? PLATINUM?
A All GIGABYTE AORUS members can collect AORUS Points towards free items, called Rewards. Members can redeem particular AORUS Points for a Reward.

BRONZE members get:
- AORUS Points when you register products, engage with the community on AORUS website or invite friends to join
- Special offers and personalized content
- Rewards to redeem

When BRONZE members collect 1000 AORUS Points, they reach SILVER Status. SILVER members here get:
- All Bronze-member benefits
- Double the points for one product registered during your birth month
- Exclusive Rewards to redeem

When SILVER members collect 4,000 AORUS Points, they reach GOLD status. GOLD members get:
- All Bronze and SILVER member benefits
- 50 AORUS Points to on your birthday
- Invites to member-only promotion and events

A GOLD member will be upgraded to a PLATINUM member when collecting 12,000 AORUS points and get:
- All Bronze, SILVER and GOLD member benefits
- A Secret Platinum Tier Box when you been upgraded
- Invites to Private Sales
- Annual Gold Tier gift

DIAMOND membership is invited only. You may receive the secret DIAMOND invitation from us if you contribute a lot to this community.
DIAMOND members get:
- All Bronze, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM member benefits
- Invites to exclusive events & launches
- Priority customer service
Q How will I know I've reached SILVER Status?
A You’ll reach SILVER Status when you collect 4,000 AORUS Points.

If you do, we’ll send you a confirmation email. You'll also notice a change in your GIGABYTE AORUS Account Dashboard when you reach SILVER Status, as your level will turn from bronze to silver and you'll begin to collect AORUS Points towards exclusive Rewards.
Q How many AORUS Points do I need to maintain BRONZE status?
A Once you register as GIGABYTE AORUS member and stay active, login to enjoy the benefits of the membership, engage with the community or contribute content, you'll be eligible for BRONZE member benefits or even upgrade to the next level.
Q How do I change or update my personal details?
A Please log in to your Member Account and go to the Account Details to update your name, mobile number, and delivery address.
Q Why should I sign up for promotional emails from GIGABYTE AORUS?
A When you sign up for email, we’ll send you personalized offers and promotions, GIGABYTE AORUS news and more. Bonus Points offers may help you reach SILVER Status or Rewards faster.

To make sure you’re signed up to receive offers from us, or to change your contact preferences, click here. After signing in, you’ll be taken to your Account Details page.

If that doesn’t work, try following these steps:
- Go to and login if you haven’t already done so.
- Select ‘Account Settings’
- Select ‘Account Details’
- In the bottom section, make sure the box for “Get announcements, recommendations, and updates about GIGABYTE AORUS products, services, events and more.” is selected.
Q Can I have multiple accounts?
A Member Account should be per person and per email address. If it is discovered that multiple Member Accounts were created by the same person, even if multiple email addresses were used, all said Member Accounts and respective AORUS Points might be void at the GIGABYTE's discretion.
AORUS Points
Q How do I earn AORUS Points?
A You'll earn AORUS Points when you register your GIGABYTE products, invite friends, contribute content, or engage with the GIGABYTE AORUS Community on AORUS website. You can see the AORUS Points Calculation sheet here .
Q Will my AORUS Points expire?
A If your account has been inactive (no login, points earning or any other activity in this member account) for a period of 12 months, your points will be removed from your account.
Q How do I check my AORUS Points balance?
A To view your AORUS Point balance online, just log into your Member Account. You may see your points balance, as well as your point activity in the My Points & Rewards section.
Q What happens to my points if I want to cancel the redemption?
A Once the redemption is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, and the points wouldn't be returned to your account.
Q How can I earn my Birthday bonus Points if I'm at GOLD stats?
A If you have your Date of Birth filled in Account Details, we will automatically give you 50 AORUS Points as your birthday points to your account on your birthday.
Q Can I combine points from multiple accounts into a single account?
A Member Account cannot be transferred to or combined with or shared with any other Member Account. It is strictly prohibited to transfer, sell or attempt to transfer points between two or more accounts in any way. Any transfer or attempt to transfer being found will result in cancellation of your membership.
Q When are my AORUS Points credited to my account?
A Your AORUS points are credited to Member Account within a maximum of seven days for eligible actions on the website.
Q How and where do I redeem Rewards?
A You will need to log into your GIGABYTE AORUS Account to receive your AORUS Points for the rewards, browse the redeem page, select the item you wish to order and follow the instructions to confirm your selection.
Q Are there any limitations to the number of Rewards I can redeem?
A No, there is no limitation to redeem the rewards. You can redeem any Reward as long as you have accumulated the number of AORUS Points required for that item in your Member Account

*Remind: you can only redeem one Reward in a single process.
Q I am not interested in redeeming anything on the Reward page yet. Will you be adding new rewards anytime soon?
A Yes! We keep adding new rewards on an irregular basis, ranging from new AORUS Products, hit game codes, Steam codes, and other exclusive merchandise.
Besides, as all of our Rewards are offered in limited quantities, we strongly recommend you to redeem the Rewards as soon as you can to avoid any out of stock situations.
Q I redeemed a Reward a while ago, but there were no further updates, and I have not received it yet.
A Check your email for the redemption notification or the My Activity page for redemption history to check the progress.
Your redemption will be fulfilled once the shipping information is completed (if needed) and the request is verified.